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Wedding Story

dodano: 24 sierpnia 2017 przez ashleys

A couple are appealing for help to catch thieves who stole their wedding pictures in a smash-and-grab raid on the photographer’s car.

Dom and April Cromwell, both 27, had thousands of professional images of their big day stored on a hard drive that was lost when £12,000 of equipment was stolen in Hammersmith.

A moped rider and another man riding pillion were seen smashing the left rear passenger window of the BMW 3 Series, which was parked near the A4 Great West Road.

The photographer had pulled up close to the BP Cromwell South petrol station shortly before 1.50pm on Monday last week to buy a sandwich as he returned to a friend’s studio from a job in Tower Bridge.

Dom and April Cromwell had thousands of unedited professional snaps of their big day stored on a hard drive that was swiped by the thieves


Less than four minutes after he left the car, the thieves smashed the window to take camera equipment, a MacBook and three hard drives — including one with unedited pictures of the wedding at a country manor in Devon at the end of last month.

Mr Cromwell, a solicitor, and his wife, a teacher from Devon, were left “devastated” by the theft and are offering £1,000 to anyone with information. “It’s absolutely heartbreaking for us and we just are doing whatever we can,” Mr Cromwell said.

“The photographs were the most important part of the day for April and she is just devastated as she wanted them to look back on in years to come and to show to our own kids. It may just be equipment for the thieves which they can sell on but the photos mean everything to us and we are hoping there is a chance we can get them back.”

Although the photographer had already sent a handful of pictures to the couple, many of the key moments of the day are missing including the first dance and speeches.

Police have confirmed the theft was carried out by two men on a moped.

The photographer, who was left shaken up by the raid and asked not to be named in case he is targeted again, said: “I could hear the car alarm go off while I was in the petrol station. I was only gone a few minutes. I just feel devastated for Dom and April that this has happened.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said no arrests had yet been made and inquiries were ongoing.

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