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stained wedding gown

dodano: 29 sierpnia 2017 przez ashleys

One bride is reportedly suing American Airlines for 3.4 million dollars over her stained wedding gown.

According to the Daily Mail, Yewande Oteh was traveling from Philadelphia to Jamaica for her August 2015 nuptials when she got into an altercation with the flight attendant on her plane.

Oteh was instructed by the ticket agent to take her wedding gown with her on the flight, rather than check it in with her luggage. But when she boarded the plane, the flight attendant refused to let Oteh hang her dress in the plane's closet.

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According to Oteh, the flight attendant, later identified as Melanie Masters, "aggressively" explained the closet was not for passengers, despite what the ticket agent had said prior. Instead, Oteh was instructed to place her bridal dress in a first class bin. She kept an eye on it the entire flight.

The bride-to-be then saw Masters, along with another flight attendant, open the bin. "It was her [Oteh's] belief that the flight attendants were placing something in the bin and making fun of [Oteh] and her wedding gown," the lawsuit claims, according to Elle UK.

Upon deboarding in Jamaica, Oteh "observed American Flight Attendant Melanie smirk and say "something must have spilled inside of the wedding bag," according to the filing. When Oteh and her fiancè opened the wedding bag, they spotted a red wine stain on the gown.

While the airline company is "reviewing the lawsuit," Oteh hopes to be compensated for the incident that has "caused a lifetime of damage."

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