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Style: Wonderful Winter Fashion

dodano: 3 stycznia, 04:09 przez ashleys

When cooler temps come to Florida, you can’t afford to be caught with an unprepared wardrobe. With every season change, there comes an opportunity to make sure your closet reflects your unique style.

With cool, crisp air settling in, it’s about more than just a long-sleeved shirt or a drab sweater – stay warm from head to toe without sacrificing a look worthy of showing off. For this season’s fashion must-haves, turn to comfortable clothing that holds up against chilly weather with these stylish options. There are countless choices for putting together the perfect outfit for this season, so prepare yourself for whatever each day may hold.

Think Layers

The focus this season is all on layering rich and textured fabrics such as wools, tweeds and faux-furs. Try matching a cool tee underneath a thick cable-knit sweater or cardigan and top it off with a vintage-looking jacket.. Not only will you be looking stylish and warm, but you’ll also be able to remove your layers once inside.

Coat or Jacket?

Faux-fur has made a much welcome comeback this season. Parkas with fur-lined hoods are proving to be particularly popular, as are goose down-filled puff jackets. Peacoats in black and brown sandstone are both classic and practical, and can provide the perfect finishing touch to any winter outfit.


If you’re more the kind of person that likes to give a nod to trends without letting them over influence your whole look, then accessories are a good way to go. Scarves, hats and gloves are a great way of keeping warm and are available in all this season’s key patterns and fabrics. A totem pole knitted beanie with a matching scarf for example, can add a splash of color and make an outfit really “pop.”

Be Yourself

With unlimited winter fashion options at your disposal, don’t limit yourself. Instead, be true to your personal style, unafraid to live comfortably in your own skin – fashion included. Your fashion decisions are the ideal way to show off your personal flair. Follow your own style instincts, try new things and never back away from what you feel is the perfect look for the occasion.Read more at:long prom dresses | prom dresses uk

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