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Isabella Manfredi, musician and Chanel muse

dodano: 12 marca, 08:48 przez ashleys

Singer Isabella Manfredi is known for her rock’n’roll and fashion prowess–the Chanel muse stalks the stage with a feline presence reminiscent of Chrissy Amphlett and shakes her Joan Jett-black hair as she abandons herself to the kick drum of her band The Preatures. The band were nominated for three ARIA awards for their debut album in 2014, and followed up with last year’s sophomore album, Girlhood, while garnering an impressive fan base in Australia and abroad with endless touring and energetic festival gigs. Manfredi, meanwhile, has cemented a reputation as a game-changing female rock warrior on stage and off: late last year she joined the MeToo movement, sharing her experiences of sexual harassment in the music industry and encouraging other women to come forward and support each other. "My heart has been breaking for all the women who have had to deal with Harvey Weinstein's total degradation of their talent, drive and worth as artists and human beings over the course of his career," Manfredi posted on her Instagram page. "Of course, this sickness is not confined to the film industry. Perhaps the greatest clarity this unfolding story has given me is some perspective on my own experiences in the music industry, mostly in, but not confined to, America … I don't want the next generation of women coming up in the music industry to face this kind of morally ambiguous, second-guess-yourself crap. It's not on," she wrote. Over 200 women emailed Manfredi with their stories and she managed to take the conversation further with her impressive appearance as a panellist on the MeToo special on the ABC’s Q+A. "[The post] gave me a chance to not only have conversations with other women, but to have conversations with the men in my life that I've never been able to have," Manfredi said on the ABC panel. "Real honest conversations."Read more at: |

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