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Fashion and passion

dodano: 19 stycznia, 10:28 przez ashleys

What are the ties that bind -- and how and why? In the world of haute couture, these are matters of creativity and skill, of inspiration, design, and blind stitches. One might say the same of relationships, to a point: the creativity and skill of seduction, the inspiration that leads to deeper feelings, the attempt to design a functional relationship, and the phantom thread that keeps two...


Dior exhibition in Paris draws more than 700,000

dodano: 10 stycznia, 04:19 przez ashleys

The average waiting time was four hours, but that did not deter the crowds from coming. By the time the six-month exhibition in Paris ended, more than 700,000 people had flocked to the event dedicated to French fashion house Christian Dior, its organisers said on Monday. The show, which ended on Sunday, was the most popular held at the city's Museum of Decorative Arts, with visitors eager...


Style: Wonderful Winter Fashion

dodano: 3 stycznia, 04:09 przez ashleys

When cooler temps come to Florida, you can’t afford to be caught with an unprepared wardrobe. With every season change, there comes an opportunity to make sure your closet reflects your unique style. With cool, crisp air settling in, it’s about more than just a long-sleeved shirt or a drab sweater – stay warm from head to toe without sacrificing a look worthy of showing...


Ruthless customisation to dominate fashion in 2018

dodano: 21 grudnia 2017 przez ashleys

You wouldn’t think so, given the rate at which fashion shows come around these days, but the lifespan of a trend is increasing. From Raf Simons’ meticulous retooling of jackets and single-breasted coats at Calvin Klein to Burberry’s myriad interpretations of the trench coat, from Mulberry’s ever-evolving Bayswater bag to Alessandro Michele’s endlessly inventive...


Fashion, unfiltered: how 2017 became the year of Versace

dodano: 5 grudnia 2017 przez ashleys

        G M T     检测语言 世界语 中文简体 中文繁体 丹麦语 乌克兰语 乌兹别克语 乌尔都语 亚美尼亚语 伊博语 俄语 保加利亚语 僧伽罗语...


Fashion As Revealing, And Concealing

dodano: 22 listopada 2017 przez ashleys

M T     检测语言 世界语 中文简体 中文繁体 丹麦语 乌克兰语 乌兹别克语 乌尔都语 亚美尼亚语 伊博语 俄语 保加利亚语 僧伽罗语 克罗地亚语 冰岛语...


Why Does the Fashion Industry Treat Truth-in-Advertising as

dodano: 14 listopada 2017 przez ashleys

For an industry that talks a lot about transparency, fashion routinely falls short. This is demonstrated every time a publication features a product that has been gifted to them in exchange, of course, for preferential placement. The same can be said when brands pick up the tab for editors to attend lavish events and far-flung pre-season or couture runway shows, or when influencers endorse...

Kering’s sustainability strategy can be boiled down to three main parts: working directly with suppliers to update practices, in order to eliminate waste and pollution across the company’s brands; hiring engineers and researchers to push progress at its dedicated Innovation Labs; and partnering with startups, as well as competitors, to uplift the industry’s progress of...



dodano: 27 października 2017 przez ashleys

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as each model took a turn dominating the runway. Co-hosts standing on stage added additional flare as they described each model and his or her outfit. “Give it up. Show some love,” Adrian Peterson-Fields said over applause as co-workers saw their cohorts in completely different light. This wasn’t a typical day at the office. For...